On Saturday I hosted a bachelorette party for my sister, who is getting married in October. She is the awesomest little sister and we are good friends with each other, so I had a pretty good idea for how to go about planning a day in her honour.

First up, brunch!


Image via Cora

We all met at Cora which is a great spot that specializes in delicious breakfast fare. Open from 6am-3pm you won’t find Plain Jane meals on the menu. Everything is pretty unique and since the restaurant opened in Montreal, there is a French-Canadian twist. Delicious!

Next up, glo-bowling!

academy lanes

Image via Academy Lanes

I reserved a lane for the 5 of us at Academy Lanes, one of the most well known bowling alleys in the city. The building itself is pretty interesting, it’s a converted theatre! We bowled for a few hours and then drove to the closest Marble Slab Creamery for a cold treat.

From there we went to check into our hotel room and fixed ourselves up for supper!

We ate at the Pony Corral on Pembina Highway, which was absolutely great. The restaurant is situated right by the river and there is a giant deck with tiki huts and patio sets with little gas rings in the middle of the table so you can enjoy a fire while you eat your meal! Unfortunately the weather was uncooperative so we had to eat inside, but it was no skin off our nose since the restaurant boasts a giant disco ball and a guitarist to enhance your dining experience!  Our waitress was amazing and the food was delicious as well as very filling. I always love going there!

Then it was time to go back to the hotel where we dressed ourselves up for a night of dancing! We rode in a limo to King’s Head where we stopped for a few drinks and visited around a big, round table.


That’s me on the left!

king's head

From there we walked to Whiskey Dix to dance!

whiskey dix

All in all I think we all had a good time, so that makes it a successful party!



On Friday I rushed to Brandon with Little C to pick up a few essentials for the long weekend (here in Canada, August Long is always the first weekend of the month. It’s officially known as a civic holiday).  Big C and I were packing up the baby and heading to Killarney, Manitoba for a relaxing trip!

Killarney is a pretty and active town about an hour away from where we live. It’s main draw are the two campgrounds and golf course located beside a large lake. It is a total beach town, in the best way possible! Southern Manitoba may not advertise it, but the whole area is dotted with freshwater lakes and beaches have been created for the public’s enjoyment. There are many little recreational spots dotted all over the countryside if one looks hard enough!

On Friday we set up camp (well, I guess it could be considered a ‘glamp‘ since our camper is 28 feet long and we ran the air conditioning 24/7!) and visited with my husband’s aunt and uncle, who were camping (glamping?) beside us. Unfortunately for us, the beach was experiencing blue-green algae and ‘no swimming’ was advised so we spent a beautiful Saturday alternately in town shopping and lounging in the sun while sipping on our ice cold drinks!

On Sunday we drove 15 minutes North-East to Pleasant Valley, where Big C spent the morning golfing with his uncle and cousin-in-law. Little C and I visited with my aunts-in-laws and cousins. We drove down to the beach where Little C had his first Lake experience! I was SO excited to introduce him to the water, but he was not as charmed by the cold, lapping waves as I was. *Sigh* I’ll give it time.

After a relaxing Monday morning, and roasting our lunches over the open flames, we packed up to return home. I have wonderful new memories and a striking new tan to commemorate our trip!

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