On Friday I rushed to Brandon with Little C to pick up a few essentials for the long weekend (here in Canada, August Long is always the first weekend of the month. It’s officially known as a civic holiday).  Big C and I were packing up the baby and heading to Killarney, Manitoba for a relaxing trip!

Killarney is a pretty and active town about an hour away from where we live. It’s main draw are the two campgrounds and golf course located beside a large lake. It is a total beach town, in the best way possible! Southern Manitoba may not advertise it, but the whole area is dotted with freshwater lakes and beaches have been created for the public’s enjoyment. There are many little recreational spots dotted all over the countryside if one looks hard enough!

On Friday we set up camp (well, I guess it could be considered a ‘glamp‘ since our camper is 28 feet long and we ran the air conditioning 24/7!) and visited with my husband’s aunt and uncle, who were camping (glamping?) beside us. Unfortunately for us, the beach was experiencing blue-green algae and ‘no swimming’ was advised so we spent a beautiful Saturday alternately in town shopping and lounging in the sun while sipping on our ice cold drinks!

On Sunday we drove 15 minutes North-East to Pleasant Valley, where Big C spent the morning golfing with his uncle and cousin-in-law. Little C and I visited with my aunts-in-laws and cousins. We drove down to the beach where Little C had his first Lake experience! I was SO excited to introduce him to the water, but he was not as charmed by the cold, lapping waves as I was. *Sigh* I’ll give it time.

After a relaxing Monday morning, and roasting our lunches over the open flames, we packed up to return home. I have wonderful new memories and a striking new tan to commemorate our trip!

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It’s Alive!

I’m typing this from my camper as I feed Little C. We are here in Austin, Manitoba for the Threshermen’s Reunion & Stampede! Hundreds of volunteers are working their butts off to make history come alive, and as usual they’re succeeding! I can hear the bangs and whistles, motors and flywheels. People are shouting and chatting and laughing. It’s a great place to casually walk, stroll, and hike while you learn about Manitoba’s agricultural history! The reunion lasts from July 24-July 27! There’s entertaining demonstrations on the grounds during the day, a fantastic rodeo at the grandstand in the evening and a ‘kick off your heels’ kind of dance at the Corn and Barley Corral at night!


On Sunday I packed up the car and took the baby for a 40 minute drive to the Manitoba Agricultural Museum to meet with my mom and sister, who were starting to organize themselves for this year’s fashion show. They, and others who help them, put on a vintage fashion show as an extension of a group we belong to, Reunion Ladies Activities. This group demonstrates different things that prairie pioneer women did ‘back in the day’.

This museum is close to my heart, as it is where my parents met, got married, and practically raised us. This is, in fact, their 40th wedding anniversary! My sister and I know the hard work it takes to put on a show and make history come alive for spectators. She has grown up helping our mom with the Ladies Activities and I have split my time between this and helping our dad to run a steam engine. Last year was the first year in a long time that I was not on an engine. I could not get time off work to help during the week, and I was pregnant and didn’t want to be jumping on and off, or falling off the engine or breathing in the wood/coal smoke. It is a hard and dirty job but I was so sad, as I love my time on the steam engine.

This year, with a new baby, I will not be on the engine again. I am having trouble finding my niche, as I always had a routine during the show, and now it is being disrupted. I have no antique crafting skills like looming or quilting, and am mediocre at embroidery. I found my grandma’s recipe for sourdough pancakes, which she used to make there, and I’m going to try to make this at home to see if I am any good at it. Who knows what’s in store…

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum is located just off the trans-canada highway, on highway #34, North of Austin, Manitoba. It is really a wonderful place to visit and learn about Manitoba heritage!

One our engagement pics, done  by the lovely Jodi of Memories by Me at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum!

Quick trips and Leisurely lunches

Today my son Little C and I took a drive to Brandon for a Doctor’s appointment and we met my parents in the city, as my Dad had an appointment there as well!

Brandon is the city that I live closest to, it’s about 50 minutes away from my house to the edge of the city. It’s vibe is very ‘little city’ but it is growing pretty fast, and the people are super friendly. I always enjoy coming here, there’s always something to do and see. For a small city, it sure has a lot to offer!

Today’s trip was fairly quick, by that I mean it was not a day-long excursion, but the four of us did manage to have a leisurely lunch at a great restaurant called Blu, located near the busy intersection of Park and 18th. With it’s modern black and blue palette, excellent menu and friendly staff, it’s a lovely spot to eat with your loved ones!

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(Note: I am not affiliated with this restaurant and I am not being paid to write this. I simply loved my experience there and wanted to share!)

Drive Inn for Charity

This past Sunday was a slow start out of the gate for our ‘C’ family, which means it was a nice and relaxing morning. Once we were all dressed, we hopped in the car (as fast as 2 people with a new baby can) and drove to Elm Creek for lunch. An acquaintance of ours owns the local Drive Inn and every year he hosts a fundraiser, where 100% of the weekend’s profits are given to a great Canadian charity, Children’s Wish.

We had a lovely afternoon visiting with Big C’s dad (we’ll call him Grandpa C) and his girlfriend, as well as other people who arrived for lunch with their families. The great thing about small towns is that you’re bound to meet someone from a neighboring community that you know and can chat with. Ma’s Drive Inn has a host of summer foods available, including your basic burgers and fries and some great add-ons. I had the Mozza Burger with Onion rings, and a Coffee Crisp Blizzard for dessert. I’d recommend that burger to anyone looking for a basic burger with a little twist.

Drive Inns are a must during Manitoba summers. It’s a great respite from the heat to sip on a milkshake or lick some ice cream. And there’s nothing quite like a drive inn burger! Although I’m a big fan of eating healthy, whole foods, once in a while a drive inn treat is a sweet break, especially when it’s connected to such a great cause. Friendly Manitoba, indeed!

As well as the food, children could enjoy a small playground beside the drive inn and a petting zoo! We’ll definitely try to make it back next year, as Little C will be able to ‘hang out’ that much more with others.

Photo: Enjoying lunch at the drive inn with Grandpa!Little C enjoying some time with Grandpa C at the Drive Inn

In the Summertime

My baby (Little C) and I are lucky to have this summer together, as I am on Maternity Leave. In Manitoba we get up to 6 months for maternity leave and 6 months for parental leave. Usually the mom applies for both and gets a year off to take care of the new baby. Daycare is hard to come by, so we put our name on the waiting lists for 2 local centers and hopefully Little C will get a spot before I go back to work in February!

There are SO many things to do in Manitoba this summer, it’s hard to group it all into sections and explore all our options. We won’t be doing any major traveling this year, as my husband (let’s call him Big C) and I went to Europe (Great Britain, France and Northern Ireland) for our honeymoon last year and we want to ‘lay low’ for a while. I have ideas for ‘big’ trips (I think I was an explorer or a sailor in a past life, I love to travel!) for our family, but we need to save the funds and figure out the practicalities of traveling with an infant.

Luckily for us, Manitoba is brimming with activities! Whether it’s berry picking or attending one of the many festivals or heading to the beach, there is no shortage of things to do! I’ll be documenting all the local things we have to offer under this big prairie sky in an effort to commemorate my time with Little (and Big!) C.

Lovely Home

Whew, what a weekend!

Here in Manitoba we have a tradition called socials. It originated with the Ukranian immigrants as way to support an engaged couple by raising funds for their wedding. Usually the wedding party and family host it, although lately the bride and groom are becoming heavily involved as well. It generally involves raffle prizes, alcohol and dancing. It’s almost always hosted on a Saturday night from 9pm-1am.

Big C and I got engaged in September of 2011 and had our social a year later in October 2012. It would have been sooner as we wanted a short engagement but Big C’s sister was also engaged and was adamant that they have their wedding festivities first. Rather than cause a fuss or rush our engagement further, we chose to prolong it. In the end it was fine, as we were able to save more money to have a big party, which is was Big C wanted.

Our social was held in our local rink, and our families and wedding party did a fantastic job! We had many auction prizes, tons of drinks and a live band. We made quite a bit of money which helped us a lot with our wedding.



My sister (and maid of honour) and I posing before my social. Thunder buddies for life!






Big C and I dancing our first dance at our social at the beginning of the night to kick off the party. It was a ‘casual affair’ but I chose to dress up as much as I could with sequins!



This past weekend it was my little sister’s wedding social! It was held in her fiance’s hometown, not far from mine. The whole Saturday was so busy, as her shower was held that afternoon and then my parents hosted a picnic-style supper for 40 people consisting of sandwiches, cheese, salads and for dessert…cookies in pails! Afterward Big C and I rushed home to change and drop off Little C with the babysitters (Big C’s mom and step-dad), then drove to the hall. We had every intention of volunteering our time to help out, but each offer with shot down with a friend saying ‘go have fun!’ So that’s exactly what we did!



Big C and I, getting our fun on.





Me and my sister…She’s making a beautiful bride-to-be!





It was a fantastic night full of friends and family, and we finally tiptoed into our house at 3am.

On Sunday morning we woke up late, around 9:30am, which shocked me as we’re not the type to sleep in. Little C was still sleeping so I made coffee and visited with my mother-in-law. When he woke, I fed him and then made a simple brunch for the family of bacon and fried eggs.

After the in-laws left, I proceeded to bake a chocolate cake (which later my dad was shocked to learn meant ‘from scratch’) and around 4:30 we left to go to my parents’ home for Sunday supper. This was an extra special supper because we had friends from Fargo who came up for the shower and social, and it was Father’s Day!

We arrived home after a long weekend around quarter after 11pm, put the baby to bed, and proceeded to get ourselves ready for bed to prepare for another week!