Let’s Do Lunch

About a month ago a friend of mine announced that she was moving to Saskatchewan to pursue a new job opportunity and we immediately made plans to have a nice long visit before she left Winnipeg for (possibly?) greener pastures.

At that time, she was still living in St. Boniface, and as it’s easier for her to eat locally (she doesn’t own a vehicle) and I love exploring new places, we made plans to lunch at the Marion Street Eatery.

Tucked into a long booth, Nicole and I had a wonderful visit and tasted delicious food (I had the Roasted Vegetable Baguette… scrumptious!) and as usual, Little C was the toast of the town. He smiled cheekily at the waitress who brought my umpteenth cup of coffee and grinned at the businessmen across the aisle. As we were leaving, two young women, who looked like they were ready for festival season stopped us to coo over Little C and of course he wooed him with his wiley charms and toothless grins.

As we said our goodbyes and I drove to our next destination, I thought to myself that I would recommend this place to anyone! So if you’re in St. B, or any part of the city, it’s worth a visit!

The start of learning how to dance on tabletops


(Note: I am not affiliated with this restaurant or hotel and I am not being paid to write this. I simply loved my experience there and wanted to share!)


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