Whew, Southern Manitoba is taking a beating at the moment. We are being deluged with wind and rain that is too much for the flat lands to take all at once.

Brandon, MB is declaring a state of emergency (cbc.ca)


Cottonwood Campground at Treherne, MB (Facebook)

  Southern Saskatchewan is taking a beating as well (Facebook)

Farmers have lost crops in this deluge and both cities and rural areas alike are experiencing home floods, power outages and damage from fallen trees.

Most of the damage was done yesterday, on Sunday. Today the wind and rain have died down, so hopefully the worst is over.

Luckily, the village where Big C and I live is located more in the hills than valley or flat plain, so we escape unscathed. We spent the weekend holed up in our house, watching TV, reading and playing with Little C. Oh, and juicing.


I fixed up 2 different cocktails from the orange juice for us to enjoy. We’re not really ‘orange’ fans around here, but it’s a great way to get that much needed vitamin C!

The sun is just starting to peek out from the heavy clouds. Hopefully it decides to stay. I’m off to plan a small Canada Day party!


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